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1. How can I preregister for the academic year? 
Important: To preregister you need an email address since the entire process is online.
Before you fill out the preregistration form it is important that you read the following documents: 
o Admission conditions
o Internal rules and regulations
o Accommodation agreement model
Once you fill out the form and submit it you accept the conditions in these documents. 
After filling out the preregistration form you will receive an email within 48 hours, with a confirmation of your application and a reminder of the required documentation you need to proceed with the registration. Submitting this documentation is mandatory. 
Once your application has been evaluated we will send you the resolution via email. If you have been admitted you will receive an admission letter with the bank account information where you have to pay the first month’s rent and the deposit.
You can send us the transaction receipt via fax, regular mail or email.  
Confirm your entrance date via email. 
 2. Is it mandatory to submit all the required documentation? 
Yes. If you fail to do so the registration process will be cancelled. If you have any problems with the submission of documents you should contact client support (Oficina de atención al residente).
 3. Can I enter the residence hall any day of the week?
Yes, but you have to give a five day notice. 
 4. Where should I go on the first day to get my room key? 
In the reception, they will give you the key and the accommodation agreement which has to be signed at that moment. 
 5. Will I lose money if I decide not to stay at the Villa Universitaria?
The deposit will not be refunded. 
 6. What happens if I don’t stay the entire period of time agreed in the accommodation agreement?
The current month’s rent and the deposit will not be refunded. 
 7. When will I get the deposit back?
Three months after your exit, if there are no damages to the room or any pending bills. 
 8. How do I carry out the rest of the payments?
Through direct billing between the 1st and the 5th every month. Foreign students without a Spanish bank account can pay the rent in cash or by credit card or transfer.  
 9. Can I stay at the Villa Universitaria if I’m not a student? 
Yes, but students have priority.
 10. Are student pranks permitted?
No. They are prohibited. Carrying out a prank of this sort can lead to expulsion. 
 11. What kind of basic necessities should I bring?
Bed linen, towels and hangers. If you are planning on using the common kitchen you should also bring kitchen utensils
 12. Do all rooms have a fully equipped individual bathroom?
 13. ¿How often are the rooms cleaned?
Once a week. The resident is responsible for changing the bed linen, the towels and buying toilet paper. 
 14. Does the cleaning service take care of the garbage? 
No. You have to deposit it in the containers in front of the Villa Universitaria.
 15. Can I have pets in my room?
No, pets are not allowed in the residence hall. 
 16. What services are included in the price? 
The use of all common areas. Supplies. Weekly cleaning. Internet. Garage. Full board (optional) 
 17. If I choose the option “only accommodation”, can I have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the cafeteria in the Villa Universitaria? 
Yes, but you have to pay for the food at the self-service station. 
 18. Is the residence hall adapted to disabled people? 
Yes. The Villa Universitaria has a number of adapted rooms. If you are interested in renting one you have to specify this in the preregistration form. 
 19. Where can I do my laundry?
In the residence hall we have a laundry room with five washing machines and four dryers, If you need an iron and an ironing board you can ask at the reception. 
 20. How can I connect to Internet in the room? 
The internet connection is by cable. You can get a cable from the reception and you have to leave a deposit that will be given back to you when you return the cable.
 21. Is there a phone in the room?
Yes. You can receive calls and call other rooms for free. 
 22. Is there air-condition/heating in the rooms?
 23. Can I cook in the kitchenette that I share with the room next door? 
There is a microwave and a small fridge in the kitchenette. The use of griddles, portable stoves or vitro-ceramic stoves is prohibited in this space. There is a common kitchen if you want to cook.
 24. Can I preregister for next year now? 
We still haven’t published the information for the academic year 2013/2014, but if you are interested you can send us an email with your personal information and we will contact you within less than 48 hours.